Whatever you do, respect comes first.


Whatever you do, respect comes first.

I recieved small card of four main values on my first day working at Nokia couple years ago. One of those values that I’m strongly believe [until now] that always be applied anywhere, anytime and with anyone.  It’s respect . It’s not so strange heard about it but will be mean a lot if it can be implemented correctly.

Before talking so far, I attached the meaning of  respect from Oxford Dictionary define respect: ” respect: ~ (for sb/sth) polite behaviour towards or care for sb/sth that you think is important.”It’s quite cover about respect.  I just wanna add another side of  it, not only with treat politely but correctly also and refer to above definition (from Oxford Dictionary) the entity of doing respect is somebody or something as :

somebody to somebody relationship (i.e : between people, people and his/her God)

somebody to something relationship (ie: people with system/environtment).

Sometimes, for the last entity (somebody to something) in particular almost without enough concern. First case, if somebody doesn’t feel brave to break traffic regulation due to any traffic police around him, that means respect as somebody to somebody entity ( in this case: he and traffic police). Second case, if there is no traffic police around him and he still don’t have willingness to break the traffic regulation, means he already give respect as somebody to something (in this case: he and system/traffic regulation). It applied on daily business, organization for instance respect employee to company culture  (somebody to something) in daily working.

Respect should be natural (not artificial). Of course people should be treat one another with respect no reserve!.  But sometimes some people treat respect based on their own particular interest. Don’t treat respect as comodity! If it happened, the respect can’t be implemented balance in proper proportion.

Respect will be empowered and growing together with wisdom as a part of our mature life. The wisdom will help to treat respect correctly in right time and right place. I learned how to treat respect and wisdom in any difference of opinion from my high school colleagues couple years ago. They (Nugoroho and Setiawan) have sharp different point a view in every scout movement race meeting. Always there are no meeting points between them due to they represent of two organisation that always be rival one another. What I learned from them, they kept maintain their personal relationship with respect eventhough they always opposited each other when they represented their organisation in any forums.

Based on the lesson learned above, whatever you do respect comes first.
“Respect the respect value by doing respect correctly and be humble!”
If you have any relevant things to share, I’m looking forward to your thought.

* This article  republished from my previous blog with some adjustment.

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