Happy New Year Again … Resolution Again !!


Happy New Year Again … Resolution Again !!

Happy New Year again !! Yeah … in 2015. It’s annually celebration through many common ways: sending and receiving greeting card, text message,exchange gifts, visiting colleague/beloved family and others activities [new year eve in hotel,townhall, TV program, traveling, and anything else]. In all those activities, we set the resolution, send best wishes to beloved family and friends for properous life in upcoming year.

You and me might be already listed some wishes & resolution and for sure always hope the upcoming year should be much better. One thing came up in my mind, do we apply the proven successful indicator that manages how the process on track or need to do pivoting before getting the resolution completed. Otherwise  those resolutions at the end will be acted as “empty promising resolution ” … words without meaning.

I list that concern with big question mark. The resolution should be adjusted into action plan. The question is how measure the process. It helps us to know exactly how close the progress, outcome to the resolution. Whether need some pivoting or not before the end of 2015.

Once put resolution into action plan, the step needs to be taken such requirement mapping, resource management, schedulling, progress tracking and etc. In implementation of the planning, sometimes doesn’t goes as planned and on the other hand new momentum raise up that need the room of flexibility to do pivoting. And also breaking down into small target per milestone (time frame) and parameters that consist of under control and out control variable(third party involvement for cooperation) could help much to ease the implementation of action plan in order to meet the resolution goal. At the end those parameters would help and guide in process, measurement and evaluation of the resolution completion. Also target per milestone help to manage the effort more reasonable to achieve resolution goal and evaluated at the end of 20015.

Sounds quite complicated. Believe me it works, but need strong willpower, consistency and preseverance. Try it step by step eventhough small step and target per milestone gradually but sure. It will pay off.
Let’s  start this year with such breakthrough way & very challenging things to achieve. Cause we live to have purpose that valued life by moving forward, growing up,accomplish challenge of the resolution successfully and SMART-ly [Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound].
What do you think?

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