One More Thing … MacWorld and Apple Live Event !


One More Thing … MacWorld and Apple Live Event !

Being a sort of convention, the beginning of September marked as such official event of Apple latest products . Talk about the event and Apple products,it can’t be separated from the figure of Steve Jobs. Both of Apple product innovations and also Jobs communication style that has wowed at every annual event MacWorld. All the movements of Jobs body language or objects used during has meaning as well as strengthening message. Still remember about how Steve Jobs how use a small pocket of his trousers (his blue jeans) to show iPod Nano (describing how small, handy and put even small and tight kantung celana).

“This the new iPod Nano. It’s breathtaking. You wouldn’t believe it, until you hold it in your hands!” Job said (2005).

And also use a large brown envelope while removing MacBook Air to show how thin the product. Not only the product innovation, good communication to convince people. But how Steve Jobs played his role to lead the whole process in good harmony and best delivery in that event.

“This is it! This is the new MacBook Air. And you get a feel how thin it is!” Jobs said. (MacWorld 2008)

After the death of Jobs, as Apple’s latest product announcement event in 2014 been held, my attention was directed to the company under Tim Cook’s leadership.
As Steve Jobs present at MacWorld with suprise, surprise and his mantara One More Thing. The event 2014 didn’t give memorable surprised eventhough relesead with Apple Watch and its feature. Not bad, the special credit at that event the first ever covered a fairly revolutionary at that time, Live Twitter!
While waiting for this big event in September 7th 2016 will be held in couple hours, I attach previous my article related the coverage Apple event (September 2014) and translated in english as below

The event held on Tuesday, September 9th 2014 Pacific Time, I wait for the update big event of Apple product launch via twitter, online media and occasionally through international cable tv network. While the update tweet by tweet including from twit Dick Costolo CEO Twitter informing live tweet. during this event


Around Flint Center Cupertino area since dawn some members of the media (journalist, tv crew ) have been ready. Then proceed with some tweet with photos of the attendees on venue and seats almost full. And this finger ready to hit the refresh button to see the latest update. While waiting, the phone leaned on couch, then looking forward the tv news update.

 906 934 Apple Live Sep9th 2014

Phone screen display changes automatically show last tweet with blue dots marked in the top left corner complete with figures showing the number tweet who has not seen yet. Immediately, attention focused on the mobile screen, looks like being there (in Flint Center) keeping attention the presentation of Tim Cook and his team of presenters, and live tweet from one of attendee the BBC journalist Stephen Fry.

1129 1134 Apple Live Sep9th 2014

1205 Apple Live Sep9th 2014

By this new breakthrough, anyone from anywhere connected to the internet can watching this event. Also new buzz is definitely a wow effect during the event, strengthen customer engagement and channelling of Apple products customer and else following Apple’s new product information and at the end enlarge possibility to hard-selling.

One year before this event, for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, I wrote article highlighted the iPhone 5C that predicted accessing to the youth segment by offering complete with colorful casing. The important question, whether the effectiveness of strategy to enter low cost market. It’s quite interesting to be observed from that Apple event, comparing what Steve Jobs’s done that always giving some sorts of product or innovation feature with wow effect each MacWorld event. This Apple event last year also has nothing special (no wow moment) so far just innovative approach of iPhone 5C’s casing colors that can be replaced offered by Apple right after Steve Jobs’s death.

Through the communication style definitely different comparing with Steve Jobs’s style, Tim Cook has to do more efforts to make keep the center of attention of tech product innovation still around Apple family products and him as CEO Apple. The challenges become stronger from his rivals such Jeff Bezos with his style stunningly announced Amazon Fire Phone or the ‘Apple of the East’ phone Xiaomi with its CEO Lei Jun’s who indeed an admirer of Steve Jobs and shown in style when presentationing.
Tim Cook and his staff released product not without great surprised [probably because of previous news mainly already covering the trend wearable] but revolutionary step on features and technology to give competitive leaps compared to other competitors.

1208 1210 Apple Live Sep9th 2014

It supported with Apple products positioning that optimizes flexibility in making a breakthrough with the premium iPhone price ceilings which are not many competitors focus only in this segment.

By putting advanced features, systems with high quality of the application and prime quality material as smartphone attributes leads to high prices included in the premium phone category.

In product features session, Tim Cook moved to the back stage and still exist via live tweet:

1237 Apple Live Sep9th 2014

Beside product portfolio in smartphone (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus), Apple also entering new segment being as Internet transaction payment solutions provider with the launch of Apple Pay. Of course, it changing the landscape of online payment networks including Pay Pal transaction which has long been a partner of the Apple Store (iTunes, etc.)..

1248 1248 Apple Live Sep9th 2014

As we know about Steve Jobs’s communication style in stage,also wrapped with attendees feeling such curiosity. thing and waiting for other surprises, Tim Cook also closed the end of the presentation Apple Pay and iPhone series 6 with interrupted briefly before ending the presentation while saying this Steve Jobs’s mantra One More Thing

1258 0100 Apple Live Sep9th 2014

0115 Apple Live Sep9th 2014

0131 0134 Apple Live Sep9th 2014

Making curious and keep upcoming product secrecy (high level of confidentiality*) as part of Jobs special expertise. That’s why people enthusiastically waiting and looking forward what next Apple product and annual event (MacWorld) and Steve Jobs as central figure. *Read a few stories of him in book: ‘Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired— and Secretive—Company Really Works by Adam Lashinsky

Tim Cook who with strong background in the field of distribution, can managed to tackle problems/challenges and some doubts about the future of Apple after the death of a charismatic figure Steve Jobs. His actions such revitalization in the retail by recruiting former CEO of Burberry and watch designers signifies Apple’s entry in wearble technology that is clearly entry fashion industry. As ‘New Entrant’ on Porter Force where this new player (Apple Watch) challenging watch industries and forcing to get in on the era of the Internet connection (wearble technology).

New Apple products and services breakthrough such Apple’s Apple Watch, Apple Pay (see without ‘i’ in front of the product/brand name) and various size products iPhone and iPad also mark a new era after Jobs passed away, by welcoming a 7-inch tablet [iPad mini 7 inch].

During interesting session (product exposure ), another surprise: U2 on stage!

0148 0150 Apple Live Sep9th 2014

The Flint Center suddenly full beat-beat of U2 songs marked the release of U2’s new album “Song of Innocence”. As shown in the monitor Apple Live September, the new album is part of a promo Apple (iTunes store) and it claimed to have been downloaded exceeds half a billion consumers.

0152 0155 Apple Live Sep9th 2014

The U2 performing ended up by Tim Cook join on stage then invited attendees to visit the exhibition to try and feel the Apple products including giving chance for journalist taking some product shoots.

0201 0204 Apple Live Sep9th 2014

0247 0249 Apple Live Sep9th 2014

0249 0315 Apple Live Sep9th 2014

Apple Live Page finally signed off series of events of Apple product and solutions. The Apple Live through Twitter Live also becoming an Apple’s approach breakthrough to leveraging its social media channels, stay connected and maintain relationships with consumers.

*image: Apple Live September 2014

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